Welcome to a very basic role playing game.

You (and your family) have been the stars of your village for as long as anyone can remember. Not only the stars of the village, but also adored by all. Gaston has nothing on you!
One day, a emissary comes inquiring about you. Rumors start to fly and it seems that all conversations stop as you walk into the room. Soon, the emissary shows up at your home with a rather large scroll. He already knows you by appearance and addresses you by name. He asks to speak with you privately. When alone, he introduces himself as a partner in the prestigious firm of Tweedham, Tweedham and Smith from the capitol city. He explains that the firm was retained to help settle the estate of one of your relatives. And with that, he hands you the ornate scroll.
It reads:

Character Creation:

As befitting the exceptional person of your character, you can:

  • Choose one or two starting classes. You reap all benefits of the second class except Hit Die and XP. You may use the largest hit die of your chosen classes at level one. (Choosing two classes will affect the difficulty of encounters.)
  • Use the point buy system for ability scores detailed on page 13 of the PHB and use 33 points instead of 27. (because the characters are exceptional, ability scores below 9 are forbidden without DM approval.)
  • For free, choose the best chest armor (pg. 145) or shield or weapon (pg. 149) for your favored class.
  • If rolling a new character because of the death of your old character, start with enough XP to start at the same level as the dead character. Death sucks!

Jeff's DMing Adventure

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