Jeff's DMing Adventure


April 5, 2017
The party was formed out of convenience, just by the mere luck of sitting at the same table at the meeting at Tweedham, Tweedham and Smith. In all, there were 12 tables that held groups of five to seven people. Everyone at the meeting represented their families and all shared a common ancestor; a horny Gold Dragon. The purpose of creating these 12 groups was to find the bulk of great, great, great grandpappy’s hoard. The first group will to split half of the treasure and the remaining groups will split the rest.

After the “reading of the will,” the groups were run through the Holo Dungeon to determine the performance of each group and each of the would be adventurers in those groups. This test consisted a series of simulated combat with increasing difficulty. A few people were shifted around.

When the test combat was concluded, the groups were sent to various inns in the capitol city. Your accommodations are one of the most luxurious, and the main floor holds several private rooms and a main hall holding a tavern. There is loud conversations, but a couple of groups are boisterously bragging of their results of the test combat and disparaging everyone else.

The stay at the inn and dinner and breakfast was arranged for everyone. You were told to report back to the offices of Tweedham, Tweedham and Smith no later than mid-morning.

When you arrive, you are given a few items to help you on your way:

  • A team of two cart horses
  • A four wheeled cart
  • A month supply of trail rations

And this advice on where to start:


Niranth Niranth

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